August 09, 2020


Lingerie that captivates attention…

If one were to analyze the purpose of women wearing a bra/swimsuit/lingerie, it would be fifty percent for the purpose of breast support and fifty percent for sexually appealing to their partner.

Lingerie is meant to be aesthetic and physically adoring to your body. What most women fail to perceive is that there are more than two types of bras available in the market. Yes ladies, we urge you to get creative with your underwear so that it keeps things interesting in locker rooms and bedrooms. A good lingerie will make your partner notice you in ways neither of you have perceived yet.

Let us guide you through some basic types of lingerie and undergarment that you can adorn your feminineness with.

  1. Charmeuse.
    Sounds French, and is actually a French pioneered design. A smooth, silky and slightly loose satin lingerie drapes down to the hips. Not too erotic and neither too subtle.
  2. Bustier.
    Unlike the Charmeuse, the Bustier is a tight, upper torso bra that cups the breasts and hugs the hips. It is fastened at the back to give a more sensual touch.
  3. Baby doll.
    Intended to give the wearer a "baby doll" look , it is similar to a nightgown, albeit a sexy nightgown in that it falls down to the belly button or just above the hips.
  4. Teddy.
    Teddy is a one-piece bathing suit type lingerie. It concatenates a Bustier and a pantie, making it look more erotic.

    5. Corsets.
    Now here is something every one of us has seen in either a Western movie or one of those classic English movies. Despite dating back to the sixteenth century, it does not lose its sensuality. It consists of a strap or lace in the back and upon pulling the strings; it "enhances" the bust and curvature of the wearer. It is very tight; almost uncomfortable (recall Kiera Knightly proclaiming “I can’t breathe" in Pirates of the Caribbean).
  5. Garter belts.
    Ever wonder what those straps on the thighs of a woman were? They are called Garter belts and their original purpose was to hold socks or stockings up. Nevertheless, later someone figured that it added to women's erotic character and has not been used as a belt since then.
  6. Boy shorts.
    They are tiny shorts that resemble men's boxer shorts and actually look pretty on girls. Although women usually wear them as regular underwear, there is nothing unfancied about it. Most popular vendor: Victoria's Secret.

Size matters!
Ladies, it is vital that you understand that size of your undergarments matters. If you buy lingerie that is not your size, it will be anti-aphrodisiacal and very un-erotic.  A bra size or a lingerie size is made up of two things: the band size, and the cup size. The band size is measured by measuring around the ribcage, just underneath the bust. It is measured in 2 digit numbers like 28, 30, 32, 34 to 40. The cup size is measured by crossing the measuring tape over the bust and around your chest. Cup sizes are:

less than 1" AA  AA  AA 
5" DD/E  DD 
6" DDD/F 
7" DDDD/G 
9" DDDDDD/I   
10"   GG 
12"   HH 
14"   JJ 


With this newfound information, dress up in a manner that will captivate his attention.



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